J6 Witch Hunters Finally Give Up On Phone Records Subpoena

The House Judiciary Committee on January 6 dropped its subpoena for former Trump adviser Cleta Mitchell's phone records.

Mitchell was reportedly with Trump on January 6 during the riot. As part of its investigation, the panel subpoenaed AT&T for records related to the incident. In recent days, the committee also dropped its subpoenas for the phone records of former White House aide Sebastian Gorka and Amy Harris, a photographer.

Due to the withdrawal of the committee's chairman, the subpoena for Mitchell's phone records was dropped. In a court document, the parties agreed to voluntarily dismiss the case. They also agreed to pay the costs of the investigation.

Mitchell, a conservative lawyer, had sued the committee in February to quash the subpoena. He argued that it was unlawful. The court battle with the committee lasted for several months.

Investigators from the committee were reportedly looking into Mitchell's knowledge about a lawsuit filed on behalf of Trump during the 2020 presidential election. The suit resurfaced after a judge suggested that Trump had lied in a court filing.

The case was withdrawn after Mitchell's lawyers argued that the judge who was supposed to hear the case before it was filed could not do so. She also claimed that there was nothing unusual about her work.

During a public hearing held by the committee in the summer, Mitchell revealed details about the efforts by Trump-friendly lawyers to get state election officials to sign off on the appointment of Trump's electoral college members.

The committee is currently in the middle of its final report, which is expected to focus on President Donald Trump. Members of the panel have also indicated that they might issue criminal referrals.

Although the referrals will not carry any legal weight, it will be up to the law enforcers whether or not they decide to issue charges. Members of the committee are reportedly considering sending a criminal referral to Trump, as well as to other individuals associated with the president.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Washington Examiner.

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