Jim Acosta Praises Biden Amid Napping Controversy Critics Call Out Media Bias

CNN’s Jim Acosta has once again found himself in the spotlight, this time for his reaction to the news that President Biden takes daily naps during debate prep sessions. Acosta, known for his outspoken criticism of former President Trump, seems to have shifted gears to become a cheerleader for the Biden administration.

Following the report from the New York Times about Biden’s napping habits, Acosta’s response drew criticism from conservative commentators who pointed out the irony of his stance. Stephen L. Miller joked about Acosta’s long nap since Biden took office, while Doug Powers highlighted Acosta’s lack of challenging questions for the current administration.

Critics like Jim Treacher raised concerns about Biden’s ability to stay engaged and alert while holding the office of the presidency, especially with the additional time spent napping. The perceived lack of scrutiny from Acosta and the mainstream media on this issue has not gone unnoticed by those who remember his confrontational approach to Trump.

As Acosta continues to show his support for Biden and the Democrats, it raises questions about journalistic integrity and bias in the media. The shift in Acosta’s approach from antagonist to ally under different administrations further fuels skepticism about the objectivity of mainstream outlets like CNN. 


With the 2024 election on the horizon, conservative observers like Stacey Matthews, also known as Sister Toldjah, humorously anticipate the potential reactions of Acosta and his colleagues at CNN. The dynamic between the media and the Biden administration is sure to be a focal point leading up to the election, as critics remain vigilant in holding journalists like Acosta accountable for their coverage.

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