Jordan Vows Full Suppoort for Hunter Biden Subpoena If Elected Speaker!

House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan (R-OH) has made it clear that he will not waver in his commitment to investigating President Joe Biden and allegations of cover-ups by federal agencies like the IRS and FBI. In a recent interview on Sunday Morning Futures, Jordan affirmed that even if he were to be elected as the next House speaker, he would continue to support ongoing investigations.

The collaboration between the House Judiciary chair and the House speaker is crucial for issuing subpoenas and conducting comprehensive investigations. Jordan stressed the importance of working together among key committees to fulfill their constitutional duty of overseeing federal agencies. He believes that the work they have undertaken thus far has made a meaningful difference in safeguarding the liberties and freedoms of Americans, and this work must persist.

When questioned about the possibility of subpoenaing Hunter Biden to appear before Congress, Jordan deferred to the committee chairman, noting that Chairman Comer has already issued subpoenas for Hunter Biden's business records. Jordan expressed his full support for Chairman Comer if he decides to pursue a subpoena against Hunter Biden.

Jordan's unwavering commitment to holding the Biden administration accountable underscores his dedication to upholding the Constitution and ensuring transparency in government. He firmly believes that Americans deserve to know the truth, and he is determined to uncover it.



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