Kamala Harris Comes Under Fire Amid Biden Health Allegations and Campaign Chaos

Democrats salivating over Kamala Harris as a Biden replacement might want to brace themselves for a reality check. The Biden campaign has been juggling allegations for years about hiding Joe’s mental decline, and their efforts were nuked by Donald Trump on June 27. Even the liberal media couldn’t shield the administration any longer. While a faction of the party is eager to usher Biden off the stage in favor of Harris, they need to remember Harris is the only one who could legally swipe Biden’s campaign war chest.

Democrats have a lukewarm belief that Harris, unlike Biden, can effectively critique and counter the Supreme Court and red state policies driven by Trump, but that’s a fantasy. Harris still needs to address key questions about Biden’s condition. Matt Gorman of Targeted Victory slammed it home when he asked what Harris knew about Biden’s decline and when she knew it. Harris has been assisting in this massive cover-up, and it’s not something that can be brushed under the rug.

Kamala Harris is far from a stellar choice. Her popularity lags behind Biden’s, despite his own struggles. Her track record is peppered with gaffes and cringe-worthy moments, like her comments on the Ukraine war. Harris has a history of botching public appearances and campaigns. Remember her failed presidential bid? It fell apart faster than Tom Steyer’s, despite her being a sitting US Senator. Not to mention, her own staff jumped ship soon after the 2020 election, fleeing from an environment plagued by dysfunction and disorganization. Harris seems to have a chronic allergy to daily briefings, which only adds to her narrative of ineptitude. 


The string of failed attempts to reboot Kamala’s public image since 2021 is laughable. From January’s powerful duality of her rise to the June’s bad week fiascos and plans for image reboot, every “one-step-forward” narrative is swiftly followed by a “ten-steps-back” reality check. Trump’s polls consistently showing her being trounced every time also don’t inspire confidence.

Democrats are running out of time to find a viable replacement if they want to unseat Biden. None of the names floated around are in a rush to jump into the 2024 race. Harris may dream of the Oval Office but make no mistake, she’s unelectable in this cycle. Some die-hard liberals still hold on to the fantasy of Biden transferring power to her, but Biden’s not budging one bit for now.

In the meantime, Harris will continue to face the heat over Biden’s mental state. The scrutiny isn’t going anywhere, and she’s clearly not ready to handle it. Democrats might as well strap in for a bumpy ride.

Written by Staff Reports

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