Kamala VP 2024 Confirmed?

Kamala Harris has been a controversial figure since she was first announced as Joe Biden’s running mate in the 2020 election. Now, with the prospect of her being Biden’s running mate again in 2024, many Americans are asking if the country can survive four more years of her cringe-worthy antics.

On Wednesday, Harris appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and attempted to downplay the rumors that Biden is looking to replace her as his running mate. When asked by Colbert if Biden was intending to run again, Harris responded with a coy “we’re not not going to make any announcements tonight on the show.”

While Harris may be trying to stay on Biden’s good side, her recent comments and actions have raised eyebrows among conservatives. Harris has been a vocal proponent of electric buses, despite their high cost and limited range. She has also compared her time in the White House to the madcap comedy “Veep” and recently had to be rescued by the Secret Service when she lit a fire in her office without opening the flue.

Harris’s comments and actions have made her a target of conservative protesters. Recently, a group of protesters in New York City shouted “lock her up!” as Harris was escorted to her limo. This shows that while Biden may be looking to “lock up” Harris as his running mate, many conservatives would rather see her locked up in a different way.

The prospect of four more years of Kamala Harris is a frightening one for many conservative Americans. Harris’s cringe-worthy comments and actions have made her a target of conservative protesters, and it’s clear that many Americans are not ready for another term of her in the White House. It remains to be seen if the country can survive four more years of Kamala Harris, but it’s safe to say that many conservatives are hoping it won’t come to that.

Written by Staff Reports

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