Kennedy’s Independent Run a Decoy to Boost Biden Warns Trump

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. seems to have whipped up quite the frenzy over his independent presidential run, telling anyone who’ll listen that he’s managed to collect triple the required signatures to get on the New Mexico ballot. As if liberal California and hopelessly blue states like Delaware weren’t enough, Kennedy now has his eyes on ensuring his name is plastered across all 50 states, with a detour through the District of Columbia.

Kennedy’s campaign proudly boasts its presence on ballots in places like Michigan and South Carolina, hawking their success as if it’s a badge of honor. And now, with signatures pending in another 11 states including Texas and Pennsylvania, the campaign seems to think it’s on a glory march. Of course, one has to wonder how those signatures were collected—or who exactly signed them.

The fantasy that Kennedy could help Biden’s chances is laughable, especially after the recent debate disaster. Biden’s embarrassing performance behind the podium led to a CBS/YouGov survey that painted a bleak picture for his reelection bid. Even CNN’s Harry Enten had a meltdown over the post-debate numbers, openly admitting he never thought he’d see an incumbent president flounder so terribly. Only 35% of voters thought Biden had the mental fortitude to continue, which is frankly generous.

Former President Trump has already rung the alarm bells, branding Kennedy as nothing more than a Democrat decoy. According to Trump, Kennedy is a radical leftist with a green streak that makes Greta Thunberg look like an oil executive. This supposed environmental crusader isn’t just bad news for fossil industries but is also hell-bent on taxing hardworking Americans into oblivion and keeping borders as wide open as a barn door. Let’s not even start on his hostile stance towards the Second Amendment and the military.

Trump’s clear message to conservatives is that casting a vote for Kennedy is essentially tossing it into the shredder. This so-called third-party candidate is nothing more than a Trojan horse designed to siphon off votes and give Biden an undeserved leg up. Conservatives would be wise to heed Trump’s warning and see Kennedy for what he truly is: just another cog in the Democrat machine.

Written by Staff Reports

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