King’s Latest Novel: Another Left-Wing Attempt to Blame Trump for COVID

Stephen King has once again shown his political bias in his latest book, "Holly." He heavily criticizes both the Conservatives and President Donald Trump, blaming them for various issues, such as the COVID pandemic and racism. It's clear that he still has Trump living in his head, as the book features elements of "Trump derangement syndrome."

King confessed in an interview that many people do not like his book, especially those who are against Trump and COVID-19. He also noted that people would leave one star reviews on Amazon, which implies that he aimed to insult those who question the measures.

The novel features Holly, who has to deal with the challenges of the pandemic and the death of her mother, who refused to acknowledge the COVID-19 restrictions. The message in the book is aimed at those who have questioned the effectiveness of the restrictions. It’ll be interesting to see how King uses his platform to push his political agenda.

In 2021, "Holly" takes on various contentious social issues, including racism, homophobia, and the January 6th incident at the Capitol. King is known for his political views, and according to NPR, this novel will likely anger right-wingers.

"Holly" falls flat on its face due to King's political bias, and numerous reviews have stated that it is hard to read as good literature. It is clear that he has become fixated on the right, as his anti-Trump bias has taken over his remaining creative efforts.

Holly is a progressive rant rather than a well-written novel. King's political views are apparent throughout the book, which limits the scope of the story and prevents it from being engaging. It is sad that the author, who has such talent, would rather focus on his own biases instead of developing good literature.

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