Kyle Rittenhouse Wants Elon Musk To Tell Him If His Trial Has Been Censored

Elon Musk has been asked by Kyle Rittenhouse to assist in revealing whether or not there were any covert censorship efforts taken against Rittenhouse by Twitter.

Rittenhouse expressed his curiosity about whether or whether there were any internal contacts about him and his case in a tweet that he sent on Monday. He noted that the revelation of the Twitter Files has made him inquisitive about this. This comes after several media sites referred to him as a member of the white nationalist movement and a serial killer.

Rittenhouse was found not guilty of the allegation of murder brought against him during his trial in November of the previous year. The charges stemmed from the violence that occurred during rallies in Kenosha, Wisconsin. He stated that he was acting in self-defense the whole time.

After requesting financial aid for his client's legal bills, his attorney, L. Lin Wood, was previously banned from the social networking site. After receiving a message that said he was "glorifying violence," he was terminated from his position.

Rittenhouse has expressed his optimism that Twitter would one day uncover more realities in the world.

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