Lawyer Shatters Biden Impeach Link: Clears Campaign Cash Cloud!

Kevin Morris, a straight-shootin’ entertainment lawyer, gave Congress the lowdown last week about the moolah he handed over to Hunter Biden to settle up his tax tab in 2020, and he made it crystal clear that Joe Biden’s presidential campaign had zilch to do with it. Nope, nada.

He put the kibosh on any notions that the former prez’s impeachment hoopla over Ukraine had nuthin’ to do with his decision. According to a transcript of Morris’s chinwag with lawmakers that was released Tuesday, he reckons the impeachment stuff about Donald Trump was the real “risk” he was jawin’ about in an email he sent on Feb. 7, 2020. But hold onto your hats, ’cause here’s the kicker: the impeachment fireworks had already fizzled out two days before Morris shot off that email, ’cause the Senate gave Trump the all-clear on Feb. 5, 2020.

Morris told the committee that the impeachment shenanigans were likely the fire under his feet to hustle up Hunter’s tax filings. “This is about preparing his tax returns,” Morris quipped.

Now, the email in question that Morris sent to Hunter Biden’s bean counter read, “We are under considerable risk personally and politically to get the returns in.” When the committee prodded Morris about how Trump’s impeachment hullaballoo could’ve stirred up an urgent need to sort out Hunter’s outstanding taxes, he kinda danced around it. “I’m guessing. I’m speculating that that’s what I was talking about,” Morris mused.

And when the committee squeezed him for specifics about what he meant by “personally and politically” in the email, Morris gave ’em the ol’ razzle-dazzle. “We shouldn’t try to establish it differently,” Morris retorted. “They work together. It’s a quick email from an attorney, asking his accountants to hustle up.”

Morris dished that he forked over big bucks to Hunter Biden, including moolah for his taxes, crib, Porsche dues, security, and legal fees, starting in 2020. Seems like Morris and Hunter hit it off at a fundraiser for Big Joe in Brentwood, California, towards the end of 2019. Morris, who chipped in thousands to help Joe Biden snag the 2020 election victory, started opening up his wallet to Hunter less than two months after they rubbed elbows.

Now, the IRS sleuths who’d been sniffin’ around Hunter Biden’s tax fiasco spilled the beans to Congress that they weighed whether Morris’s help to Hunter smacked of a campaign donation, considerin’ how it could’ve smoothed over a big ol’ PR pickle for Joe Biden during an election year.

And if Morris’s support was a campaign donation, well, it would’ve blown past the legal limit, and the IRS whistleblowers let on that they were itchin’ to probe it as a campaign finance no-no. Golly, that’s some serious stuff.

But wait, there’s more! Handwritten notes from one of the whistleblowers, Gary Shapley, let on that a big-shot prosecutor, Lesley Wolf, might’ve been puttin’ the kibosh on lookin’ into Morris’s moolah as a campaign finance flub. Shapley thought Wolf wasn’t “personally” keen on lookin’ into the matter.

When Wolf had her day in the hot seat with Congress, she didn’t cough up any deets about brushin’ off Morris for a campaign finance snafu. She played it cool, saying the Justice Department hadn’t given her the green light to spill the beans, but she made it clear she always played by the rules while workin’ on Uncle Sam’s case against Hunter Biden. And, word on the street is that Special Counsel David Weiss is all set to dish out a full report on his prosecutorial decisions once he wraps up his diggin’ into the first son.

Written by Staff Reports

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