Leaked G7 Notes Reveals: Biden Puts Globalism Above American Prosperity

Joe Biden’s ‘talking points’ for the G7 Summit in Japan have been leaked, revealing the administration’s true priorities and policies. The document shows that Biden’s economic policies, including the CHIPS Act and Inflation Reduction Act, have failed to address the root causes of economic challenges faced by Americans, such as rising inflation and the erosion of domestic manufacturing.

The Biden administration has also implemented targeted export controls on semiconductors, which could stifle innovation and impede free market competition. There is a growing concern that excessive regulation could hurt the economy and weaken America’s position on the global stage.

Moreover, the ‘talking points’ sheet is actually a full-blown pre-written transcript, which is unusual even for Biden, who typically uses more concise cheat sheets. The sheet also mentioned the administration’s plans to evolve the Multilateral Development Banks, accompanied by the nomination of a new World Bank president.

The US has lost significant influence in the global financial sphere in recent years, as China has created a formidable foreign economic force. This fact makes it even more imperative for the United States to prioritize policies that safeguard American interests, protect individual freedoms, and ensure economic prosperity.

Conservatives are concerned that the Biden administration’s policies are failing to put America first, and this cheat sheet only confirms their fears. As the engine of global economic growth, the United States must prioritize policies that will protect American citizens and promote economic prosperity, not just for our allies, but for all our citizens.

Source: Trending Politics

Written by Staff Reports

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