Left OUTRAGED Over Rep. Boebert’s Prayer For Biden

The left is outraged after Lauren Boebert, a Republican representative from Colorado, called for President Joe Biden to resign during a gathering of religious leaders at a Dallas church. This was the same left that was celebrating Satan's presence during the Grammy Awards.

The liberal outrage machine failed to inform its low-information base that a Republican lawmaker reportedly said that Biden should be impeached after making a sexually-inspired remark.

During a gathering of religious leaders at a Dallas church, Lauren Boebert said that God gave us the gift of life. However, she didn't know what to do with it due to the current economic situation. She asked Jesus to explain what was happening to the country and how he was going to help.

After referring to Biden's inappropriate remark, she stated that she filed articles of impeachment against the president due to his position as a public official. Unfortunately, Biden reportedly has an excellent insurance policy that's named Kamala Harris.

The liberal media criticized the religious sermon delivered by Lauren Boebert, and they also took exception to the laughter that the audience had when Biden was mentioned.

This is reportedly extremist behavior by the people who portrayed Lauren Boebert's sermon as a wish for death. Even though she went the extra mile to note the impeachment articles, some people called her remarks "evil."

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on BPR.

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