Liberal Media Lies Exposed: Biden’s Plan to Send Troops to Fight Russia DEBUNKED!

In a stunning development, a misleading video on Instagram has falsely claimed that President Joe Biden is planning to send US troops to fight Russia. But fear not, patriots, because this claim has been debunked faster than you can say “Make America Great Again!”

The video, which shows Biden speaking between two flags, has been taken completely out of context. It seems that the liberal agenda is once again trying to twist the truth to fit their narrative. But we see through their lies!

In reality, Biden was simply reaffirming America’s commitment as a NATO member to defend every inch of NATO territory. He made it clear that American troops would only engage in battle with Russian forces if they were to invade other parts of NATO. It’s called standing up for our allies, folks!

But leave it to the liberal media to twist Biden’s words and spread false information. They want you to believe that our President is leading us into a war with Russia. Well, we’re not falling for it!

It’s important to fact-check and not fall for these misleading claims. The White House has explicitly stated that this video is false, and even provided the full transcript of Biden’s speech to prove it. Yet, the liberal media continues to stir up panic and hysteria.

This is just another example of the lengths that the left will go to in order to smear conservative leaders and tarnish their reputation. It’s a sad state of affairs when the media can’t even report the news accurately anymore.

So, let’s not be swayed by their propaganda, my fellow conservatives. Let’s continue to stand strong against these false narratives and support President Biden as he works to keep America safe. Don’t believe the liberal hype, believe in the truth!

Written by Staff Reports

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