Liberals Unleash Criminals: Ex-Convict’s Brutal Spree Exposes “Less is More” Nightmare

Get ready for another outrageous story about soft-on-crime policies in the United States, brought to you by the liberal leftists controlling so many of our cities and states. In New York, an ex-convict named Charles Rowe is back behind bars after going on a brutal crime spree in Queens, during which he reportedly raped a 69-year-old woman, robbed a U-Haul facility, and slashed a 61-year-old woman in the neck and chest. What’s more, Rowe had already spent 35 years in prison for the rape and murder of a 10-year-old girl. Yes, you read that right — this evil person stole the life of a child and was still allowed to walk free decades later.

But it gets even worse. Rowe was able to take advantage of New York State’s “Less is More” act, which allows parolees to avoid jail time for so-called “technical violations.” This controversial policy made it easier for Rowe to remain on the streets, even after he was arrested for felony grand larceny in December of 2021. The Queens District Attorney’s Office asked for $25,000 bail at Rowe’s arraignment the following day, but a judge released him without any bail. And despite failing to show up for multiple court appearances, additional parole violations, Rowe was still allowed to walk free. It’s absurd.

The “Less is More” act is a prime example of what happens when liberals are put in charge of our criminal justice system. They coddle criminals and endanger innocent people, rather than punishing those who commit heinous crimes. Hopefully, the horrifying story of Charles Rowe will be a wake-up call for voters across the country. We need to elect officials who will prioritize public safety and put criminals behind bars where they belong.

But of course, the leftists running our cities and states are too busy preaching about “justice” and “equity” to take any real action to make our streets safer. Just look at Washington D.C., where these same progressives have announced a new “pro-science” mandate for July 2023. It’s all about controlling people and ignoring the real issues. When will they learn that the safety of law-abiding citizens should always be the top priority?

Written by Staff Reports

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