Liberals will be OUTRAGED at Joe Rogan’s Latest Rant…

Joe Rogan, the most popular podcast host in the world, dropped a major truth bomb about President Joe Biden. He claimed that most Americans agree with him, even if it's in secret.

Rogan claimed that Biden's recent statements about defending Taiwan and supporting Ukraine were very dangerous for him to be in office.

Rogan is right, Biden's statements are going to cause the US to get involved in a conflict with either China or Russia, which would lead to World War III.

The Daily Wire noted that during the "The Joe Rogan Experience" episode, the host discussed the deteriorating state of Biden's reputation. He was joined by Dave Smith, a libertarian political commentator.

According to the story, the two discussed how "insane" it is that Biden makes these statements while Smith claims that the White House has not changed its policy. Some of the examples they talked about included Biden's statements about supporting Ukraine and Russia, and his stance on Taiwan.

The host then talked about how he decided not to vote for Biden due to his statements. He claimed that he got a lot of s*** for his decision and willingness to speak out.

Rogan claimed that he decided not to vote for Biden due to how he knew that Biden was deteriorating, and he was going to be a poor president. He said that he was convinced that Biden was going to be a poor president even before he became the president. Rogan further pissed off liberals by saying he would vote for Trump again over Biden!

The two men then discussed the possibility of the Democratic Party running either Biden or Kamala Harris, who both admitted that they have struggled with the geopolitical situation.



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