Liz Cheney Eyes 2024 Run: Desperate Stunt or Trump Vendetta?

Former Congresswoman Liz Cheney, the woman who just can’t seem to let go of the spotlight, is making waves again by teasing a potential run for president. Despite the fact that there is absolutely no groundswell of support for her to do so, Cheney remains undeterred in her quest for power.

Cheney, who fell from grace after supporting the impeachment of President Trump following the events of January 6th, seems to have not learned her lesson. Losing her Congressional seat in Wyoming in 2022 didn’t seem to faze her, as she continues to flirt with the idea of a White House bid.

In a recent appearance on CNN, Cheney refused to rule out the possibility of running for the highest office in the land. Her main goal? To defeat Donald Trump. It’s clear that Cheney is still holding on to her grudge against the former president, and she’s willing to go to extreme lengths to try to take him down.

It’s amusing, really, to see Cheney still grasping at straws, especially when even West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin has made it crystal clear that he’s not interested in a third-party run. Perhaps Cheney should take a page out of Manchin’s book and focus on bringing the country together rather than stirring up more division.

If Cheney does decide to enter the presidential race, she’ll have to navigate a crowded field of third-party candidates. From environmentalists to philosophers, it seems everyone and their grandmother is considering a run for office these days. But whether Cheney runs as an independent or on a No Labels ticket, one thing is for sure – the conservative base is not exactly clamoring for her leadership.

In the end, Liz Cheney’s continued flirtation with a presidential run may be nothing more than a desperate attempt to remain relevant in a party that has moved on. It’s time for Cheney to face the music and realize that her time in the political spotlight may have come and gone. Let’s hope she decides to gracefully bow out before making a fool of herself on the national stage.

Written by Staff Reports

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