LOL: Nancy Pelosi Just Made Up Her Own Holiday

During her final speech as speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi was mocked online for saying "Happy Schwanza" to everyone in her audience.

On Twitter, users criticized the former House speaker for saying "Happy Shwanza" instead of "Happy Kwanzaa."

After the $1.7 trillion spending bill was passed by the House of Representatives, Pelosi wished everyone a happy holiday season. She also recognized various festivals that occur during this time of year.

To make this holiday real, users on Twitter suggested creating a page dedicated to "Shwanza" to celebrate this festival.

To make fun of Pelosi, Twitter has also created various cleaver ways to mock her. One of these is by using the word "Schwanz" in German or "Svantz" in Yiddish, which has a phallic nature.

Fox News made jokes questioning if she meant ‘Shawarma?’

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