LOL: Top Democrat Immediately Deletes Tweet After Elon Fact-Checks Him

Ted Lieu, a California Democrat, deleted his Twitter account after he was criticized by Elon Musk, the CEO of Twitter. He had posted false information about the "The Twitter Files."

The latest release of the Twitter Files revealed that the Biden Administration used the platform to suppress negative information about COVID. It also promoted the White House's preferred message.

"In response to David Zweig, Lieu noted that the tweet he had posted was misleading. He said that people at high risk of getting COVID usually benefit from vaccines. According to him, COVID is known to cause death among children."

Elon Musk responded to a message from Ted Lieu, stating that the preprint he had linked to was re-written after he had criticized it. He said that it was inaccurate and flawed.

Musk said, “Ted is linking to misleading data @CommunityNotes.”

Lieu’s tweet was subsequently deleted.

The latest version of the Twitter Files was released through a Twitter thread by David Zweig, a reporter.

According to Zweig, the federal government had been manipulating the debate about COVID by censoring information that was inconvenient to the US government's policy. It also discredited the opinions of experts and ordinary users.

Officials from both the Biden and Trump administrations reportedly pressured to suppress certain details related to COVID.

During his time working for The Associated Press, Zweig had access to internal files on Twitter that revealed that the Trump and Biden Administrations had pressured the company to suppress certain details about the pandemic.

According to Zweig, the push for select information about COVID was also carried out on other platforms.

He also claimed that the Trump White House had met with other companies such as Google, Facebook, and Microsoft.

The Twitter Files additionally noted that the company used automated intelligence tools to suppress certain content. They also employed workers in remote locations, such as the Philippines.

In the Philippines, the workers moderated content. They had been tasked with deciding which posts should be censored, but Zweig noted that this task was likely to lead to significant error rates.

Even when users cited the data of the CDC, the content was suppressed. According to Zweig, a bot flagged the post and received multiple "tattles," which refer to reports from other users.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Daily Wire.

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