LOL: WaPo Finally Reaches A Realization About Covid

The Washington Post was criticized on Thursday after it published an article about a study that compared the effects of exercise routines and coronavirus infection.

On December 14, an article discussed a new study that found that regular exercise can help protect people from fatal covid.

The study, which analyzed over 200,000 individuals in California, found that regular exercise could help protect people from the coronavirus.

The study's senior author said that regular exercise could protect people from COVID. Robert Sallis, a clinical professor at the Tyson School of Medicine in Los Angeles, is the author of the study.

The study noted that even people who only exercise for 11 minutes a week experienced lower hospitalization and death rates.
Despite the study's findings, the Washington Post did not embrace it. Many cities and states have already closed their parks and gyms.

“Remember when they closed the gyms?” author Max Lugavere tweeted.

An individual named ITguy1959 stated that the government should require vaccinations, even though they are known to not stop the spread of contagious diseases. He also claimed that people were confined indoors due to the authorities' desire to burden hospitals.

Comedian Rob Schneider, who is an actor, noted on Twitter that he was surprised by the study's findings. He said that healthy people were less prone to dying.

Despite the lack of evidence supporting vaccinations' effectiveness in stopping the spread of diseases, ITguy1959 noted that the government should require people to get them. He also claimed that the authorities kept people indoors as they wanted to burden hospitals.

According to the Washington Post, regular exercise can help prevent COVID. Comedian David Hookstead also stated that the public should have encouraged healthy lifestyles.
Social media entrepreneur and philanthropist, Michael Cohen, stated that regular exercise can reduce a person's chances of dying or being admitted to the hospital.

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