Lori Lightfoot ELIMINATED From Chicago Mayoral Race

Chicago’s embattled Democrat Mayor Lori Lightfoot has been eliminated from the race for reelection after finishing in third place on Tuesday. This marks the first time in 40 years that a Chicago mayor has lost a reelection bid, and it’s a testament to the failed policies of the liberal left. Lightfoot’s policies have been detrimental to the safety of America’s third-largest city, and her defeat is a victory for conservative values.

Lightfoot received around 16 percent of the vote, while former Chicago Public Schools CEO Paul Vallas received more than 30 percent and Cook County Board of Commissioners member Brandon Johnson received more than 20 percent. Vallas and Johnson will now move on to the runoff election on April 4.

Vallas received the endorsement of the Chicago Fraternal Order of Police and made addressing crime a central issue of his campaign. Johnson also noted rising violent crime that “traumatizes our neighborhood” in his campaign. Both candidates presented solutions to Chicago’s crime crisis, but their solutions are tainted with social justice buzzwords and leftist policies that won’t ultimately solve the city’s crime crisis.

Lightfoot’s policies have been disastrous for public safety, and her defeat is a sign that Chicagoans are ready for a change. It remains to be seen what Lightfoot will do next, but it’s clear that her tenure as mayor has been a failure.

The runoff election on April 4 will be a referendum on the liberal policies of Lori Lightfoot and the progressive left. It’s time for Chicago to embrace conservative values and reject the failed policies of the left. The future of America’s third-largest city is at stake, and it’s up to the people of Chicago to make sure their voices are heard in this election.

Source: Townhall

Written by Staff Reports

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