Luna Fights Back: Safeguarding Your Data from Foreign Threats

In a bold move to protect American citizens from foreign adversaries, Republican Florida Representative Anna Paulina Luna has introduced the U.S. Data on U.S. Soil Act. This legislation aims to prevent foreign entities, such as TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram, from storing any American’s personal data in data centers located within countries known to be adversaries of the United States. China, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, and Russia are the main targets of this bill.

The U.S. Data on U.S. Soil Act also goes a step further by prohibiting government officials from these adversary countries from accessing the covered data. This strict regulation aims to ensure that American citizens’ personal information remains secure and out of the hands of those who may seek to exploit it for nefarious purposes.

To enforce these stringent measures, the bill includes hefty fines for violations. Under the Federal Trade Commission Act, anyone found to be in violation of these regulations could face fines of $50,120 per violation. This penalty serves as a strong deterrent for those tempted to place American data within the reach of foreign adversaries.

Representative Luna is passionate about the importance of safeguarding personal data and has been tirelessly advocating for this legislation. “Americans daily face the threat of exposing their personal data to bad-actor countries who are looking for a chance to exploit us, simply by opening our phones,” Luna stated. She firmly believes that these protections are long overdue and emphasizes the necessity of treating personal data with the same level of caution as military intelligence.

Joining Representative Luna in this crucial effort are Republican Representatives Mary Miller of Illinois, George Santos of New York, and Ralph Norman of South Carolina. By co-sponsoring the U.S. Data on U.S. Soil Act, these representatives demonstrate their commitment to national security and safeguarding the privacy of American citizens. With their support, Representative Luna hopes to make significant strides in protecting Americans from the growing threat of foreign adversaries accessing and exploiting their personal data.

Written by Staff Reports

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