Major Papers Urge Biden to Drop Presidential Bid After Debate Flop

The cat’s finally out of the bag and everyone is saying the quiet part out loud: President Joe Biden needs to pack it up and call it a day. Four major editorial boards, including the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Chicago Tribune, and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution are practically begging him to drop out of the race after his abysmal debate performance on Thursday. It’s clear—the Democrats are in damage control mode, and it’s not pretty.

Even the New York Times, the liberal mothership, admitted defeat. They made the argument that Biden stepping aside is for the “future of American democracy,” a line about as convincing as a used car salesman pitching a lemon. The Times acknowledges that Biden isn’t the man he was in 2020 and the American voters can’t ignore the stark difference. Their verdict? Joe is no longer capable of meeting the formidable demands of the presidency. Ouch.

Switch gears to the Wall Street Journal, and the critique gets even sharper. They described Biden’s debate stumble as “painful,” likening him to a boxer past his prime and staggering in the ring. This performance didn’t just spotlight his decline; it allowed Trump to win by default without lifting a finger. Even the Wall Street Journal’s liberal-leaning analysts could see that Biden isn’t in any condition to face heavy-hitters like Putin or Xi Jinping. The effort to prop him up for another term was selfish and delusional, plain and simple. 


Over at the Chicago Tribune, the editorial board couldn’t help but mock the whole circus, with Biden at its center. They went so far as to compare the debate to clowns in a comedic show, especially the ridiculous banter over who had the better golf swing. The Tribune sees Biden’s run for re-election as a sad and futile attempt to ignore the realities of his cognitive decline. Their message? It’s time for Biden to bow out with whatever dignity he has left.

Meanwhile, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution pleads for Biden to “pass the torch” to another Democrat, citing the overdone and tired narrative of him sacrificing for the nation. The editorial board blasts the White House for covering up Biden’s struggles and insulting the intelligence of American voters with lame excuses for his poor debate performance. They argue that another four years with Biden at the helm would be concerning no matter who the opponent is, let alone someone as formidable as Trump.

Quite an extraordinary consensus here, across multiple historically liberal publications, essentially screaming for a change in candidates. Biden’s weak showing has not only alarmed the typical conservative critics but also rattled the liberal media guard. This collective come-to-Jesus moment reveals one thing—the Democrats are frantically searching for Plan B before the ship sinks entirely. The question now is not whether Biden will step aside, but who’s next in the Dems’ musical chairs lineup to face the unstoppable force that is Donald J. Trump. Stay tuned, folks—this political reality show is far from over.

Written by Staff Reports

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