Manhattan DA Rejects GOP Request for Trump Docs

The Manhattan District Attorney's Office, headed by left-leaning Democrat Alvin Bragg, declined a request from House Republicans for testimony and documents pertaining to the investigation into the potential indictment of ex-President Donald Trump on Thursday. Some view this as yet another instance of the extreme preoccupation that the political left holds towards Trump.

The general counsel for Bragg, Leslie Dubeck, penned a five-page letter to the Judiciary Committee, Oversight Committee, and House Administration Committee's Republican chairs, stating that their request was an unparalleled inquiry into a local prosecution in progress. She aptly noted that this would interfere with ongoing law enforcement efforts and violate state sovereignty. As such, the DA's office is not obligated to Congress and must be permitted to conduct their investigation free of political meddling.

The House Judiciary GOP responded, asserting that Alvin Bragg should concentrate on bringing actual criminals in New York City to justice instead of fixating on harassing a political adversary from a different state. The left's fixation with targeting Trump is hindering their ability to fulfill their duties and safeguard the citizens of their city. It's time to restore safety to Manhattan!

Donald Trump has also commented on the issue, criticizing Bragg for allowing violent crime to thrive in New York City while dedicating all his efforts to uncovering any wrongdoing by "Trump." It's evident that Bragg is advancing the agendas of anarchists and malevolent forces that seek to undermine our country's success. Rather than targeting real criminals, he seems more invested in being remembered poorly by pursuing his politically motivated witch hunt against the ex-President.

The House Judiciary GOP's pursuit of testimony connected to the Trump investigation has widened beyond Bragg. On Wednesday, Jim Jordan penned a letter seeking testimony from two prosecutors who had quit the New York case over disagreements with Bragg. The fact that some of Bragg's colleagues resigned in opposition is a compelling indication that his inquiry is merely a political charade.

It’s time for the left to move on from their Trump Derangement Syndrome and start focusing on the real issues facing our country today. Instead of going after political opponents, they should be working to keep our cities safe and our communities thriving. Enough is enough!

Written by Staff Reports

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