Marjorie Taylor Greene Hits Back at Hypocritical Biden: “MAGA Extremists” Are American Values!

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) wasted no time in firing back at President Joe Biden after he announced his reelection bid. In a tweet, Greene exposed Biden’s hypocrisy and challenged his accusation that ‘MAGA extremists’ were responsible for infringing personal freedoms and cutting social security. Greene’s list of “Extreme MAGA” policies that align with American values proved Biden wrong yet again as she called for prioritizing national security, economic prosperity, and individual freedoms.

Some of the policies that Greene listed included extremely secure borders, extremely low crime, extremely good education for kids, extremely strong economy, extremely low energy prices, and extremely affordable food and living costs. Unlike Biden, who has been all talk and no action, Extreme MAGA Republicans will take the necessary steps to make America great again. They will support the truth by standing for only two genders, they will protect women’s rights, and they will defend the Second Amendment and free speech rights of Americans.

Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) also criticized Biden’s announcement and questioned if he was fit to lead the country. Johnson asked if Biden’s policies focus on finishing the job of destroying America. Biden’s message of opposing right-wing extremism is already falling apart as a staggering 53% of those who voted for him in the previous election cycle do not think he should run again, according to NBC.

As the 2024 presidential election approaches, it’s unclear if Biden can unite the Democratic party and win over voters with his message. Meanwhile, Greene and other Republican leaders are emphasizing their vision for the country grounded in conservative values and “Making America Great Again.” The policies that Extreme MAGA Republicans are championing represent true American values and will help make Americans extremely free, extremely wealthy, and extremely happy!

Written by Staff Reports

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