MASSIVE Reparations Legislation Under Way In This Liberal State

In New York, state lawmakers are pushing for large payments to the descendants of slaves. Similar actions are being taken in other states as well. As a result, the issue of reparations has become a prominent one across the country.

According to a report, some New York state lawmakers are pushing for a law that would establish a commission to study the effects of slavery and provide reparations to the descendants of slaves. A similar proposal was previously proposed, but it failed to pass the legislature.

According to Michaelle Solages, the chair of the Legislative Caucus for the New York Black, Puerto Rican, Asian, and Hispanic communities, it's important that the legislature passes a bill that will establish a dialogue regarding reparations.

Taylor Darling, an Assemblywoman, stated that if the legislature did not support the study commission, it would be a slap in the face of Governor Kathy Hochul.

Darling also questioned the amount of money that the task force in California recommended for the descendants of African-Americans.

She stated that "the country was built on the backs of slaves. Aside from housing, education, and economic development, she also noted that the effects of slavery have affected other aspects of the country."

In New York, a bill that would have required the establishment of a commission to study the effects of slavery passed the assembly on June 3, but it failed to get through the senate.

In California, the task force that was tasked with studying the effects of slavery has already come up with a number of recommendations regarding the compensation that should be given to the descendants.

In California, a bill was passed that established a task force to study the effects of slavery and provide reparations to the descendants of slaves. The group was led by Gavin Newsom, who was the governor of California at that time.


In California, the task force recommended that the descendants of slaves receive a total of $223,200 from the state's reparations committee.

The task force also recommended that the state should provide housing discrimination compensation to the descendants of African-Americans. It estimated that the state should spend $569 billion to address the issue.

This amount is more than the state's $512.8 billion expenditure in 2021. It included money for various public facilities such as schools, prisons, and hospitals.

Despite the abhorrent nature of slavery, it's still not clear how to properly address the issue once and for all. Although it was abolished in the US under the Constitution, it remains unclear how to properly compensate the descendants of slaves. Thousands of years prior to the country's abolition, slavery was also practiced in various other countries such as Egypt, China, and the British.

In addition to African-Americans, there were also slaves from other races such as the Asian, white, and Latin American communities throughout history. Although the practice was mostly stopped in the US and other countries after the 1800s, it still continues in some regions.

We should stop the practice of slavery all across the world and start looking into how it can be made right.

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