Matt Gaetz urges Democrats to work with him to end “forever wars”

During an interview with the Daily News Foundation, Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz said that liberal Democrats should work with Republicans to pass foreign policy measures. The House rejected his War Powers bill, which would have removed US troops from Somalia.

Although he had initially criticized the members of the left-wing "squad" for supporting his bill, Gaetz now appreciates the support he received from them. He also noted that there needed to be more connectivity between the left and the right regarding the removal of US troops from foreign lands.

Despite his earlier positions, Congressman Matt Gaetz appointed Ilhan Omar, Ro Khanna, and Jamaal Bowman as his advisers. In February, he voted to remove Omar from a committee after she made controversial statements about the September 11 attacks. Despite this, he still praised Ro Khanna for his anti-war stance.

Despite the support he received from the left-wing "squad," Gaetz still faces opposition from both parties due to the number of Republican members who voted against his resolution. He identified two of his opponents as John James and Mike McCaul. Although he did not reveal if he would support the repeal of the 2001 authorization for military force, he did not rule out bringing it up for a vote.

Despite his numerous attempts to get the US troops out of Somalia and Syria, Gaetz has not been able to pass any legislation on this matter. He believes that the country should reduce its troop presence and end its "neverending wars." Through his efforts, he hopes to bring together the political parties and push for reforms in foreign policy.

Source: The Daily Caller

Written by Staff Reports

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