Mayorkas’ Border Security Claims Exposed as Deceptive By Bold Reporters

Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas is toeing the Democrat line of deceit, deceit, and more deceit, but real journalists are calling him out on it.

At a press conference held at the Davis-Monthan Airforce Base in Tucson, Arizona, Mayorkas tried to sell the nation on the illusion that President Joe Biden had miraculously secured the border. This, despite the fact that illegal migrants are still flooding across our woefully unprotected border, showcasing the left’s shameless power-hungry agenda.

Claiming that “the President took action” and that their border security measures have brought about the order in the past 18 months, Mayorkas painted a rosy picture that starkly contrasts with the grim reality of the situation.

One bold reporter pointed out the glaring discrepancies, highlighting the brutal crimes being committed by illegal immigrants within our borders. Mayorkas attempted to dodge accountability by asserting that individuals are properly vetted before being allowed into the country.

However, recent tragedies tell a different story. Criminals like Franklin Jose Pena Ramos and Johan Jose Rangel, who had previously been detained by border agents only to be released, went on to commit heinous acts, such as the rape and murder of a 12-year-old girl named Jocelyn Nungaray. These criminals, along with over 7.4 million other migrants, took advantage of a flawed system that put innocent lives at risk.

Despite attempts to monitor these individuals through ankle bracelets and other means, the Biden administration’s leniency towards illegal immigration has backfired spectacularly, leading to a surge in crime and chaos at the border. The supposed “order” Mayorkas speaks of is nothing but a mirage, a cruel joke played on Americans who have suffered due to their failed policies.

With the number of illegal aliens on ICE’s non-detained docket nearly doubling under the Biden administration, it’s evident that the current approach to border security is a disaster in the making. Mayorkas’s attempt to spin the narrative falls flat in the face of hard truths and heartbreaking losses suffered by innocent families across the country.

The Biden administration’s negligence has turned the border into a free-for-all, where criminals roam unchecked, and law-abiding citizens pay the price. Mayorkas may try to talk his way out of accountability, but the facts speak louder than his empty promises of security and order.

Written by Staff Reports

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