McDaniel Crowns Trump GOP King as Haley’s Bid Stumbles

The chairwoman of the Republican National Committee, Ronna McDaniel, has made it abundantly clear that it’s high time for the Republican Party to rally around the one and only Donald Trump. After former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley suffered a major setback in New Hampshire, McDaniel didn’t mince words when she declared that the path forward doesn’t lead to a victory for Haley, but rather straight into the arms of the incomparable Trump.

McDaniel, speaking on Fox News, praised Haley’s efforts but recognized that with the general election looming just 10 months away, the party needs to put its weight behind the imminent nominee – a role that McDaniel sees as tailor-made for the one and only Donald J. Trump.

Even after suffering a tough loss in New Hampshire, Haley has defiantly pledged to soldier on, setting her sights on her home state of South Carolina. Her campaign wasted no time in attempting to recover from the defeat by announcing the launch of two new ads valued at a jaw-dropping $4 million.

In the face of her bruising loss, Haley’s campaign spokeswoman, Olivia Perez-Cubas, made it abundantly clear that Haley is a fighter with a proven conservative track record. She highlighted Haley’s history of championing job creation, tax cuts, and staunch opposition to illegal immigration, emphasizing that she’s ready and willing to take on the political establishment once again.

Despite her steadfast determination to focus on South Carolina, Haley won’t be a contender for any delegates in the upcoming Nevada nominating contest slated for February 8th. In Nevada, only Trump and Ryan Binkley are still actively vying for the nomination, while Haley filed for the state’s primary – a strategic move that won’t have any impact on delegate allocation.

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