Med Schools Dodge SCOTUS Ban on Race Quotas!

Some sneaky doctors and university folks are trying to outsmart the Supreme Court and keep using race-based admissions at medical schools, even after the Court said no way, Jose!

Records uncovered by a cool group called Do No Harm show that the University of Houston College of Medicine and the University of Toledo are among the schools scheming to get around the rules. They’re all about that diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) stuff, and they’re not gonna let a little Supreme Court decision get in their way!

The University of Houston even had a big event with their law school to talk about how they can still achieve their diversity goals, even with the Supreme Court saying no to race-based admissions. They talked about how having doctors who are the same race as their patients could lead to better health outcomes, even though the Do No Harm group says that’s a bunch of hooey. They think that patients just want the best care, no matter what race their doctor is. The University of Houston peeps even tried to get all sneaky and talk about ways to keep using race and ethnicity in their admissions, even after the Supreme Court was all, “Nope, not a good idea!”

Meanwhile, at the University of Toledo, they’re feeling all sad and frustrated about the Supreme Court saying no to race-based admissions. They’re talking about making partnerships with historically black colleges and universities, and trying to find ways to still get around the rules, like in California and Michigan.

But hold on a minute! Both of these schools say they’re totally following the rules, even though the Do No Harm group and the Washington Examiner are all like, “Yeah, right!” The University of Toledo is all, “We’re doing everything legally and in compliance with the Supreme Court decision,” but some people just aren’t buying it.

And if you thought all this sneaky business was just happening in Houston and Toledo, think again! Harvard University, Virginia Commonwealth University, and the University of Louisville are also vowing to find ways to keep using race-based admissions, even after the Supreme Court was all, “Um, no thanks!”

So, looks like the battle over race-based admissions at medical schools is still heating up, with schools and sneaky folks trying to outsmart the rules set by the Supreme Court. But will they succeed, or will the Supreme Court give ’em a good old “I told you so”? Only time will tell!

Written by Staff Reports

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