Media Blesses Biden with B-Day Wishes & Unsolicited Advice!

President Biden turned 81 on November 20th, and while he may have quietly celebrated with his family, the news media couldn’t resist making a big deal out of it. The Wall Street Journal’s editorial board sarcastically commented that if this birthday is anything like his last one, Biden will be eating cake and hoping no one else notices. Talk about excitement!

But the media didn’t stop there. National Public Radio pointed out that the candles on Biden’s cake are adding to a problem, while Bloomberg News suggested that Biden’s birthday highlights his biggest liability for a 2024 White House bid. Fox News chimed in with concerns about Biden’s health and age, and The Wall Street Journal accused him of profound selfishness for running for re-election in his condition. Politico summed it up by declaring that it’s not a happy birthday for Biden.

Meanwhile, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is taking aim at his rival GOP candidate Nikki Haley. DeSantis’s campaign has launched a new “microsite” called to expose Haley’s supposed liberal views. According to DeSantis, Haley is not the conservative she pretends to be and Republican primary voters deserve to know the truth about her. Haley’s campaign hit back, calling DeSantis desperate and deranged in his attacks. They pointed out Haley’s significant ad buy, numerous endorsements in Iowa, and promising popularity poll numbers as evidence of her rising popularity.

In other news, if you dread preparing a Thanksgiving dinner, fear not! “Dinner-to-go” is becoming a popular option, with many restaurants offering complete Thanksgiving meals for pickup. Good Housekeeping, Country Living, and NBC’s Today show have all provided lists of the best places to order a Thanksgiving dinner to go. From Popeyes to Trader Joe’s, there are plenty of options to satisfy everyone’s taste.

Finally, the World Health Organization (WHO) has created a new Commission on Social Connection to address loneliness as a pressing health threat. The commission, co-chaired by US Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy and African Union Youth Envoy Chido Mpemba, will analyze the role social connection plays in improving health and outline solutions to build social connections on a global scale. Loneliness and social isolation are widespread issues that impact people of all ages and can have negative effects on their well-being. The commission aims to find solutions to this problem and foster economic progress, social development, and innovation.

As for political news, a recent poll of likely Republican primary voters in New Hampshire revealed that 52% have definitely decided whom they will vote for in the upcoming presidential primary. It seems like the race is heating up, and candidates are doing whatever it takes to secure their spot in the primary.

So there you have it, a roundup of the latest news and opinions. Whether it’s President Biden’s birthday or the latest political drama, the media is always ready to spin a story and keep us entertained. Happy reading!

Written by Staff Reports

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