Media’s Double Standard on Biden’s Cognitive Issues Exposed

Coverage of Joe Biden’s cognitive issues has been a topic of conversation well before he even stepped foot in the White House. Given this history, it shouldn’t shock anyone who has been paying attention to see his struggles now.

The mainstream media’s attempt to act surprised is laughable, to say the least. If they truly want us to believe they are taken aback by Biden’s difficulties, then it’s an admission of their failure to provide honest coverage for years. Instead of holding Biden accountable, they chose to shield him and fuel anti-Trump narratives.

Brit Hume, a journalist unafraid to speak his mind, boldly stated back in 2020 that he believed Biden was “senile.” While PolitiFact tried to discredit Hume’s assessment, labeling it as “false,” it’s clear that experts in geriatrics have differing opinions. The refusal to even acknowledge the possibility of Biden’s cognitive decline is a disservice to the public.

The excuse that Biden’s blank stares and confused expressions are due to his childhood stutter is a stretch. While communication challenges are real, they do not fully explain his frequent gaffes, memory lapses, and overall incoherence. The attempt to attribute all his verbal fumbles to a speech impediment is a weak defense for his obvious struggles.

As Biden continues to face scrutiny over his mental acuity, it’s evident that the media’s refusal to address these concerns earlier on reflects their biased agenda. Brit Hume’s recent reaction to Politifact’s fact check serves as a reminder of the media’s complicity in downplaying Biden’s cognitive issues. The truth may be uncomfortable, but it’s essential to hold those in power accountable, regardless of political affiliation.

Written by Staff Reports

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