Megyn Kelly Criticizes Jill Biden for Alleged Power Moves and Questionable Behavior

Megyn Kelly Takes Down Jill Biden Over Power Play

Megyn Kelly didn’t hold back in her recent critique of Jill Biden’s apparent thirst for political power. Kelly highlighted Jill’s actions, such as being featured on the cover of Vogue and sharing a photo from Air Force One, as indicators of her desire to promote herself as a figure of authority.

Kelly questioned Jill’s insistence on being referred to as “Doctor,” suggesting it stemmed from a need for affirmation and a boost to her ego. Kelly also pointed out Jill’s behavior towards Joe Biden, mentioning how she appeared to treat him like a child after the debate, raising concerns about his fitness for the presidency. 


Kelly didn’t shy away from criticizing the Biden team for their handling of the situation, suggesting that Joe Biden’s cognitive decline was evident and questioning why he hasn’t taken a cognitive exam. She also raised doubts about the people surrounding Biden and their role in allowing the situation to persist.

As the pressure mounts for Joe Biden to address his fitness for office, with calls for him to step aside growing louder, Kelly’s comments underscore the growing concerns about the Biden administration’s ability to address the challenges facing the country.

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