Megyn Kelly Exposes Moderna’s Attempt to Muzzle Her

In a recent episode of her podcast, conservative commentator and former Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly spilled the tea on her experience with pharmaceutical giant Moderna. According to Kelly, the company targeted her for speaking out about her personal experience with their product. Kelly’s revelation sheds light on the alleged silencing of conservative voices by big pharmaceutical companies.

During the episode with journalist Glenn Greenwald, Kelly described how she was approached by Moderna after she shared her personal experience with their product. It is no secret that Moderna has been a key player in the COVID-19 vaccine market, and any negative publicity could potentially hurt their bottom line. Kelly’s story underscores the lengths to which some companies will go to silence conservative voices and suppress dissenting opinions.

Kelly’s experience serves as a cautionary tale for anyone who dares to speak out against powerful corporations. The chilling effect of this type of corporate intimidation can have a significant impact on public discourse and the free exchange of ideas. It’s a stark reminder that in today’s society, speaking out against powerful interests can come with serious consequences.

As conservatives, it’s important to amplify stories like Kelly’s to ensure that the voices of dissent are not quashed by corporate bullies. Kelly’s bravery in sharing her experience should serve as a rallying cry for those who refuse to be silenced by big pharma or any other corporate entity. This is a battle for the preservation of free speech and the protection of individual liberties, and Kelly is leading the charge.

Written by Staff Reports

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