Michael Moore’s ‘Endorsement’ of Trump Debunked: Here’s the Real Story!

Did Michael Moore Endorse Trump? Let’s get one thing straight, folks. Michael Moore endorsing Donald Trump? That’s like saying cats and dogs are best friends. It’s a load of hogwash!

Now, there’s this video making the rounds on social media, claiming that Michael Moore actually had some nice things to say about Trump. Can you believe it? Well, hold onto your hats, because it’s about to get real interesting.

So, this video supposedly shows Moore talking about Trump defending factory workers in Detroit. The caption says, “Never did I think Michael Moore would hit the nail on the head. Absolutely stunned by what he has to say about Trump and Trump voters.” Well, let me tell you, that caption couldn’t be more misleading if it tried.

You see, my good friends, that clip is actually from Moore’s movie called “Michael Moore in Trumpland.” And guess what? At the end of the speech, Moore tells everyone NOT to vote for Trump. That’s right, NOT to vote for him. So, how in the world can anyone twist this around and say that Moore endorsed Trump? It’s beyond me.

But wait, there’s more. Moore himself uploaded a longer version of the clip on YouTube to set the record straight. The description of the video reads, “Here’s the REAL ending to Mike’s ANTI-Trump rant that was cut out by Trump supporters.” Boom! Case closed. Moore is as anti-Trump as it gets, my fellow conservatives.

I must say, it’s not surprising to see misinformation being spread online. It happens all the time. Just like that claim about Saudi Arabia and Qatar supporting strikes on Houthis. Don’t believe everything you see on the internet, folks. It’s a wild world out there.

Let’s put this Michael Moore endorsing Trump nonsense to rest once and for all. It’s false, folks. Totally false. Moore may have some strong opinions, but endorsing Trump is certainly not one of them. So, let’s stop with the fake news and get back to the real issues at hand. And the real issue, my friends, is making America great again!

Written by Staff Reports

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