Mike Pence RIPS J6 Committee, Refuses To Testify

Since Mike Pence has been promoting his new book, it’s clear that he intends to run for president. He has a few things to unveil before he officially declares his intentions. It’s not clear when he will make an official announcement, but it’s likely to happen soon.

During an interview with CBS News' Margaret Brennan, Pence stated that he will not be able to testify before the House Intelligence Committee on January 6. He cited the separation of powers as one of the reasons he won’t be participating in the investigation. He also criticized the panel's partisan nature. As for his future participation, Pence said that he's "closing the door" on the possibility of testifying.

The committee's partisan nature has been a disappointment to him, he said. He noted that it should have conducted a more balanced investigation, similar to the one conducted by the 9/11 Commission. Unfortunately, the members of the January 6 committee did not do so.

In response to a question from Brennan, Pence said that he did not stand in the way of his team's participation in the investigation. Some of his aides, such as Marc Short and Greg Jacob, have already testified before the committee.

In response to a question from CBS News' Margaret Brennan, Pence stated that he did not stand in the way of his team's participation in the investigation. He noted that the committee's members have no right to question him about his role in the deliberations at the White House. He also said that it would be a terrible precedent for Congress to compel a vice president to speak about his role in the deliberations.

Good for Pence for making the obvious. The committee's objective was to ding Donald Trump enough so that he wouldn't be able to run for president in 2024. This was always a delusional attempt by the members of the committee, as there was no doubt that he would run again. However, since he has not been so clear about his desire to be president, it's now clear that he intends to run for office.

The committee was established by House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi to prevent Republican leadership from choosing their own participants. She allowed only two Republicans on the panel, Adam Kinzinger and Liz Cheney.

Although he is known for being a mild-mannered individual, Pence has started to criticize the actions of Donald Trump since the inauguration. He has also started to believe that the committee was being conducted at the behest of Nancy Pelosi. He is not happy about the committee's partisan nature and will not participate in the investigation.

After the CBS interview, the chairman and the vice-chair of the committee responded to Pence's criticisms. They stated that the hearings were not political. They also claimed that the investigations were conducted in a truthful manner. Unfortunately, the constituents of Wyoming were so disgusted by the actions of Liz and her family that they forced her out of office.

In response to Pence's criticisms, the members of the committee, such as Thompson and Cheney, stated that they were disappointed with him for misleading the public about the nature of the investigation.

The committee has also released the testimony of several high-ranking individuals, including members of the Trump White House and the Trump campaign. They have stated that the hearings were conducted in a proper manner. These individuals were able to provide Congress with truthful testimony.

The committee's investigation will come to an end in December, as the House will be controlled by Republicans in January. This means that the committee will be wrapping up its investigation in a partisan manner. It is unprecedented for the majority to control a special investigative body.

She did not allow Kevin McCarthy, the leader of the House Republican Conference, to choose any of the members of the committee. Instead, she allowed only two Republicans, Adam Kinzinger and Liz Cheney, to participate in the investigation.

Despite not being able to become the next president, Mike Pence is still expected to enter the Republican primary. He has already started to organize his book tour, which will allow him to make his announcement soon.

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