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Milwaukee Infants Are Hospitalized Due to a Biden Baby Formula Crisis

Milwaukee has been hit so hard by Joe Biden’s infant formula shortage that “babies have been admitted to [the] emergency room for malnutrition.”

“It is true that we’ve seen babies hospitalized because they don’t have enough formula, or they’ve made homemade formula that aren’t meeting their nutrient needs, and they’re experiencing things like malnutrition,” Jennifer Crouse, the Clinical Nutrition Manager with Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin told TMJ4. “This is something that’s harming kids because we don’t have enough supply on the market.”

And because His Fraudulency Joe Biden is more worried about pronouns than ensuring America’s children have enough to eat, there isn’t enough supply on the market.

This is a national, not a local, emergency.

This is a domestic crisis, not a global one.

Joe Biden is the one to be blamed of this.

This is what happens when a country is run by left-wing sociopaths. They don’t pay attention to the essentials, such as ensuring that we have adequate energy, drink, and baby food. Fascist Social Engineers are unconcerned about the fundamentals. They worry about reprogramming human nature to accept partial-birth abortion, forgiving student loans for elite-college educated students, emptying prisons, chemically castrating small children, gay porn in elementary schools, Drag Queen Story Hours, and being replaced by illegal immigration.

The cost of gasoline is skyrocketing. Joe Biden effectively put an end to domestic drilling.

Food costs are skyrocketing. Joe Biden just wants to increase inflation by increasing irrational expenditure.

Our frontier has been breached. Joe Biden only wants to spend $40 billion of our money to secure Ukraine’s border.

Violent crime is on the rise. Joe Biden wants to remove our guns and castrate cops.

Addiction is the primary cause of homelessness. Joe Biden wants to keep the border’s record volume of fentanyl flowing.

America — America! — is having to fly in baby formula, and not quite enough — just enough to make the media’s Blue Checkmarks drop their trousers and bend down like the third-world country Democrats are determined to convert us into.

Take note of what Joe Biden is doing to our children…

Children’s Wisconsin says homemade formula can cause liver and kidney damage or even an imbalance in your baby’s body that can cause their heart to stop.

“The other thing we’ve seen is families trying to dilute formula by adding extra water, another thing we would definitely discourage against,” Crouse said.

The hospital says diluting formula can lead to brain swelling or even organ failure.

Last but not least… This is the absolute last thing that the United States of America should be experiencing.

We are unable to feed our children. Worse, this godforsaken administration has known this was coming for months – months! — and has done nothing. Why? Because pronouns are far more crucial to babies than nutrition.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on BrietBart News.

Written by Staff Reports

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