Mitt Romney Slams DeSantis in Tell-All: RINO Strikes Again!

Ah, Mitt Romney, the gift that keeps on giving. In a not-so-shocking turn of events, the “RINO” extraordinaire is once again trying to insert himself into the spotlight by taking shots at his fellow Republicans. This time, his target is none other than the esteemed Governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis.

According to a tell-all biography titled “Romney: A Reckoning,” it appears that Romney has some choice words for DeSantis. Apparently, there’s “no warmth at all” between the two. I mean, can you blame DeSantis? Who would want to cozy up to a never-Trumper like Romney?

But wait, it gets better. Romney also seems to think that DeSantis “looks like he’s got a toothache” when he takes selfies with voters. Really, Mitt? Are we resorting to criticizing someone’s facial expressions now? I guess when you don’t have any substantive arguments, you have to nitpick about toothy grins.

In a stunning display of hypocrisy, Romney declares that DeSantis is “much smarter” than Trump. Wow, Mitt, way to play both sides. Are you trying to have your cake and eat it too? It’s clear that Romney’s true colors are shining through. He wants a “smart authoritarian” instead of one who’s not so bright. But last time I checked, we didn’t elect someone to be our imperial ruler, we elected them to be our president.

Of course, Romney doesn’t stop at DeSantis. He seems to have a laundry list of Republicans he has an axe to grind with. From Mike Pence to Ted Cruz to Newt Gingrich, no one is safe from his critical eye. It’s almost like he’s trying to relive his glory days as the 2012 Republican presidential nominee by taking shots at his former rivals. News flash, Mitt, you lost. Get over it.

And let’s not forget that Romney, in his infinite wisdom, has decided to retire from the Senate. Good riddance, I say. The Republican Party is better off without his wishy-washy, fence-sitting antics. Maybe now he can finally step aside and let true conservatives lead the charge.

In the end, Romney’s attempts to undermine his fellow Republicans only serve to highlight his own irrelevance. While he may have once been a prominent figure in the party, it’s clear that his time has passed. So long, Mitt, and thanks for nothing.

Written by Staff Reports

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