More Documents Found in Biden’s Private Home

According to Bob Bauer, the attorney for Joe Biden, the search of the president's home in Delaware revealed six classified documents.

The search was carried out by the US Department of Justice after numerous documents were found in Biden's home and his office. According to the Daily Caller, his lawyers allowed the authorities to conduct the search.

According to Bauer, the authorities were able to access the president's home and various documents, such as handwritten notes and files. He also noted that the search lasted for over 12 hours.

After the search, the Justice Department stated that they took six items that contained classified materials. Some of these documents were from the president's service in the Senate.

In a statement, the Justice Department noted that they were also looking into the personal notes that Biden kept during his time as the vice president.

In response to the search, Biden's lawyers stated that they were working with the authorities to complete the process as quickly as possible.

The White House maintained that they were being honest and transparent, even though they initially hid the truth from the public.

When asked about the documents, Biden initially claimed that he did not know anything about them. However, he later backpedaled and stated that he had no regrets.

Press secretary Jean-Pierre noted that the White House was not aware of the documents until they were reported by CBS.

Many people on Twitter noted that the treatment that Biden was receiving from the federal agents was less harsh compared to what former President Trump was subjected to following the FBI's raid on his Mar-A-Lago property.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Headline USA.

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