MSNBC Guest Claims: Dislike Kamala Harris? You Must be Racist and Sexist!

Stacey Abrams, the failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate, recently made an appearance on MSNBC to play her favorite card: the race and gender card. According to Abrams, the reason why people don’t like Vice President Kamala Harris is because the nation despises black women. Wow, that’s quite a leap there, Abrams. Remember, this is coming from the woman who still hasn’t conceded her election loss and claims voter suppression is to blame.

But let’s dive deeper into Abrams’ comments. She goes on to say that if Harris was a white man, she wouldn’t be receiving any of the critiques she’s facing now. Really? So when Joe Biden was vice president, he was beyond reproach? Give us a break, Stacey. The fact is, Harris is not being criticized because of her race or gender. She’s being criticized because she’s a terrible vice president. Her approval rating is abysmal, with only 37 percent of respondents approving of her job performance. That’s not because people are sexist or racist. It’s because they see her incompetence.

It’s laughable to watch Abrams try to defend Harris. Even her own supporters struggle to give any compelling reasons to support her. So instead, they default to playing the victim and accusing everyone else of bigotry. It’s a tired tactic that will only continue to push people away. At some point, Abrams and her ilk need to realize that not everyone who disagrees with them is a bigot. Maybe, just maybe, the problem lies with their own choices and policies. But I won’t hold my breath waiting for that self-reflection to happen.

Let’s be honest here. There were plenty of black women who would have been better suited for the vice presidency than Harris. But the Democrats were more interested in checking boxes and playing identity politics than putting competent people in positions of power. It’s a shame, really. Our country deserves better than this. But for now, we’ll have to suffer through the incompetence of Kamala Harris and the desperate attempts of her defenders to cry racism and sexism. We can only hope that the American people see through the charade and demand better leadership in the future.

Written by Staff Reports

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