MSNBC Meltdown: Maddow and Reid Lose It Over Trump’s NH Triumph!

The liberal loons at MSNBC can’t seem to stay calm over Donald Trump’s victory in the New Hampshire primary. The left-wing network was in total meltdown mode as Trump celebrated his second straight win, with Rachel Maddow and Joy Reid leading the charge of absurdity.

Maddow, who seems to have a permanent scowl whenever Trump’s name is mentioned, couldn’t even let the man speak without going on a rant about “fact-checking.” It’s almost as if she thinks nobody can make up their own minds about what to believe. And then there’s Joy Reid, who hilariously tried to paint Trump as some kind of senile grandpa on the decline. It’s rich coming from the same network that worships Joe Biden, the king of gaffes and bloopers.

The MSNBC duo couldn’t resist taking shots at Nikki Haley either, with Maddow ridiculing Haley’s speech and Reid conjuring up a ridiculous plan to prop up her sinking campaign. I mean, who are they kidding? The only reason they’re propping up Haley is to try and stick it to Trump. It’s like a playground game of “anything you can do, I can do better.”

And it gets even more laughable when MSNBC interviews these so-called “undeclared” voters who are actually leftists in disguise. They openly admit that they’re strategically voting for Haley just to stick it to Trump. It’s like they’re playing some kind of twisted chess game, using poor Nikki Haley as a pawn. It’s sad, really.

But the best part of all this is watching MSNBC squirm as they try to spin the narrative in their favor. They can’t handle the fact that Trump is unstoppable, so they resort to desperate tactics and wild accusations. It’s like watching a bad reality TV show, and I can’t look away. Keep it up, MSNBC. You’re comedy gold.

Written by Staff Reports

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