MSNBC Now BEATING Fox News in Primetime Slots After Dropping Tucker Carlson

The mainstream media is aghast at the recent decision by Fox News to part ways with their star anchor, Tucker Carlson. The network’s decision comes amidst their ongoing legal battle with Dominion Voting Systems, the company accused by many of rigging the 2020 election in Joe Biden’s favor. Despite years of loyal service and unprecedented ratings for the conservative network, Carlson was unceremoniously fired, leaving a massive hole in Fox’s primetime lineup. This move has caused heartburn among liberal America, who were desperately hoping to see Fox News taken down a notch.

The recent ratings reports seem to indicate that the decision to fire Carlson was a massive mistake. MSNBC is now claiming dominance in all primetime slots, beating Fox by an average of 35%. The liberal network, known for its biased reporting and unfounded accusations against Republicans, is now enjoying a surge in viewership at the expense of Fox News. This is a catastrophic development for the conservative network, one that they may never fully recover from.

Of course, there were many factors that led to Tucker Carlson’s departure from Fox News. Some speculate that editorial disagreements with producers and executives played a role. However, leaked text messages seem to indicate that Carlson’s comments about the January 6th riot and subsequent commentaries were the final straw. The mainstream media has seized on this narrative, painting Carlson as a dangerous extremist who deserves to be silenced.

Despite the liberal media’s attempts to paint Carlson in a negative light, his loyal fanbase knows the truth. Carlson is a patriot who is willing to speak truth to power, no matter the consequences. His departure from Fox News is a loss for conservatives everywhere, but it should serve as a rallying cry for those who refuse to be silenced by the liberal establishment. Fox News may be bleeding viewers, but they will never be able to silence the conservative movement.

Source: Townhall

Written by Staff Reports

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