New Biden Bombshell Roils Waters: Republicans, Time to Step Up or Step Aside!

After more damaging details about Joe Biden's family's shady business dealings were revealed, it's time for the Republican Party to get involved. According to a memo from Congressman James Comer, the former vice president's family benefited greatly from his position.

Reports from RedState claimed that a Russian oligarch known as Yelena Baturina had paid $3.5 million to a company that was created by Hunter Biden. The committee staff then uncovered details about how Baturina used the money, including giving $1 million to Devon Archer, Biden's partner.

This revelation is even more concerning since, following the large payment, Biden went to Cafe Milano and spent some time with Yelena Baturina, who was one of his son's business associates. The meeting has raised concerns about Biden's integrity and the country's security.

It's clear that Archer and Hunter Biden were only selling the Biden brand, not offering any expertise or products. Despite Biden's claims that he was not aware of these transactions, it's clear that he was aware of their nature.

Hunter Biden reportedly complains about having to pay for his father's bills. The Biden family's complex financial activities were designed to hide their true nature. It's also important to know how much of the money was used to fund Joe and Jill's expenses.

Despite the House Republican majority's slow-moving approach to investigating Joe Biden, it's time for the impeachment process to start. With the evidence of his alleged financial wrongdoing and shady dealings, it's time for the House to act.

The time has come for the Republican Party to step up and hold the Bidens accountable. They should also ensure that the country's security is protected.

Written by Staff Reports

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