New Conservative Coalition Unveils EPIC Plan For Political Future

The conservative groups are working together to develop a comprehensive policy agenda for the new president.

The Heritage Foundation's Project 2025, which is an initiative to develop a conservative administration, has 45 groups working on it. According to Spencer Chretien, the groups will create a policy and personnel blueprint for the next president.

The project's goal is to create a comprehensive policy book that will serve as a guide for conservatives on how to govern effectively. Over 350 prominent individuals from the conservative movement have contributed to the book.

Another initiative, which is called the conservative LinkedIn, will be launched in March. It will allow individuals to compete for government positions.

The project's third proposal is the Presidential Administration Academy, which aims to provide future political appointees with the necessary skills to effectively carry out their duties.

The project's final pillar is to develop an implementation plan for the various agencies that will serve the incoming administration. This strategy will help ensure that the next conservative government is ready to address the issues that will affect the country.

"According to the groups working on the project, their policy agenda will remain the same regardless of who the Republican nominee is in 2024.

The coalition will also unveil a set of policy options that will help candidates distinguish themselves from the other candidates. Although the options will vary depending on the campaign, the spokesperson noted that the groups are working together with the movement to create a consensus of policies that will be presented to the next president."

The project builds on the work of The Heritage Foundation's Mandate for Leadership, which has been providing guidance to presidents since the Reagan era. According to the organization's website, the Trump administration heavily relied on the Mandate for Leadership when it came to formulating its policy agenda.

Project 2025's director is Paul Dans, who was the chief of staff of the OPM during Donald Trump's time in office. The coalition includes various conservative organizations such as think tanks, legal groups, publications, and educational institutions.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Daily Caller.


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