New Poll Shows Alarming Opinion Of GOP House

A CNN poll released on January 26 revealed that a majority of voters disapprove of the job performance of House Republicans. Even though the public gives both parties low marks, the Republican Party is in worse shape.

The results of the survey indicated that the public is not happy with the job performance of House Republicans, and this could be a concern for the party. Only 32 percent of the respondents approve of the job that the Republicans are doing in Congress.

Over 70% of the respondents stated that House Republican leaders have not paid attention to the country's most critical issues.

The approval ratings of House Speaker Kevin McCarthy are also low. Only 19% of Americans have a favorable opinion of him, while 38% have a negative opinion of him.

The results of the survey revealed that over 70% of Americans believe that the country is in a poor state of affairs. However, it's not clear if this sentiment is related to President Joe Biden. Only 39 percent of the respondents think that Biden has a greater influence over the country's direction in the next two years.

A series of polls conducted in January revealed that the public doesn't think that the battle for the speakership has made the Republican Party stronger. A survey conducted by the Deseret News and HarrisX revealed that 41 percent of Americans think that the party has become weaker after the race for the speaker, while only 23 percent think that it has gained strength.

A CNN poll was conducted from January 19 to 22. Another survey was conducted by the Deseret News and HarrisX from January 9 to 10. The third survey was conducted by the Ipsos from January 10 to 11.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Daily Caller.

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