New York Times Columnist Friedman Urges Biden to Withdraw from 2024 Race

New York Times columnist Thomas L. “Tom” Friedman, a staunch ally of President Joe Biden, has come out swinging in a surprising turn of events, calling for Biden to step down from the 2024 race. In a dramatic opinion piece, Friedman didn’t hold back as he expressed his deep disappointment in Biden’s debate performance, suggesting it was a moment so distressing that it brought him to tears.

Friedman’s plea for Biden to bow out gracefully was pointed and emotional, emphasizing the need for the President to prioritize the country’s best interests over his personal ambitions. He urged the Biden family to intervene and have a tough conversation with the President, pushing for him to announce his withdrawal from the race and release his delegates for the Democratic National Convention.

Friedman’s unwavering stance on Biden’s supposed inadequacy was clear as he painted a bleak picture of what could happen if Biden were to persist in his re-election bid, warning of the repercussions not just for Biden but for his entire entourage and the Democratic Party at large. 


The columnist’s call for Biden to relinquish his spot in the race and make way for someone else, particularly Vice President Kamala Harris, underscores the growing skepticism within Democratic circles regarding Biden’s ability to go the distance.

Friedman’s sentiment seems to resonate with a larger segment of the population, as evidenced by a recent CNN poll that overwhelmingly favored former President Donald Trump over Biden in terms of debate performance. The numbers don’t lie, and they point to a mounting wave of doubt and dissatisfaction with Biden’s leadership that could spell trouble for his future political aspirations.

Written by Staff Reports

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