Newsmax Exposes Illegal Immigrant Peril, Leftist Media Melts Down!

The liberal media is once again up in arms, and this time, they’re targeting Newsmax for daring to tell the truth about illegal immigrants. Newsmax tweeted about President Trump’s remarks on illegal aliens, accurately pointing out the dangerous and criminal behavior of these individuals. But of course, the left-wing media couldn’t handle the dose of reality and went into a frenzy.

The tweet, despite being removed, has sparked outrage from the liberal elites, who can’t stand to have their narrative challenged. The tweet may have been deleted, but the damage is done. The truth about the criminal activities of illegal immigrants can’t be erased.

In the midst of this uproar, a shocking incident in New York City has highlighted the dangers posed by illegal immigrants. Eight armed illegals with illegal drugs were found squatting in a house across from a Bronx school. Even more disturbing, a child was discovered in the basement. Despite the seriousness of the situation, six of the illegals were released without bail. This is just one example of the threat posed by illegal immigrants, and the liberal media is doing everything it can to downplay it.

The media’s attempts to paint these criminals as victims are ludicrous. The recent wave of illegal immigrants includes individuals responsible for heinous crimes such as rape, murder, and drug-related offenses. These are not innocent people seeking a better life – they are dangerous individuals who are wreaking havoc in our communities.

It’s time for the liberal media to stop making excuses for illegal immigrants and start acknowledging the reality of the situation. These are not isolated incidents; they are the result of an open border policy that puts American lives at risk. Newsmax was right to call out the media’s biased reporting, and it’s time for the truth to prevail. The safety and security of our nation depend on it.

Written by Staff Reports

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