Newsom’s Outrageous Gift: Mexican Students Get In-State Tuition, Americans Pay More!

A law passed by California Governor Gavin Newsom lets some Mexican residents pay in-state tuition rates. This is a shocking move that has conservatives scratching their heads. It looks like the Governor thinks it's more important to help foreigners than to put the needs of hardworking American kids first.

Low-income Mexican students who live within 45 miles of the border will only have to pay a measly $1,246 to attend some community schools in southern California thanks to this new law. At the same time, out-of-state students will still have to pay an outrageous $6,603. This is a clear case of treating outsiders better than American citizens.

Assemblyman David Alvarez came up with this ridiculous idea and had the nerve to say that this measure was needed because some kids might be U.S. citizens living across the border because of how expensive it is to live in California. Take a break! As long as these kids are U.S. citizens, they should be treated equally and be able to go to an affordable school. Taxpayers in California who are already having a hard time making ends meet should not have to deal with this.

To make things even worse, people who support this law say it was based on a similar law in Texas that has been in place for decades. It looks like California wants to follow the lead of liberal wastelands like Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona instead of making its own smart decisions about money.

People who want this rule to happen say it will make these students feel like they belong in the community. But what about the kids in the US who are having a hard time paying for college? Shouldn't it be them who get help and encouragement? It is clear that Governor Newsom and his friends care more about making the people who support open borders happy than about what is best for their own voters.

This test program will last until July 2029, and up to 150 students from each of the eight partner community schools will be able to take advantage of this unfair advantage. It's time for conservatives to speak out against this very clear lack of respect for American kids and the law. Our elected leaders need to do a better job, and we need to fight for policies that put the needs of hardworking Americans first. We need to put America first!

Written by Staff Reports

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