[NUKE ALERT] Russia Warns Britain, France, and Germany

Russia warned it would step up its military campaign in Ukraine. Videos broadcast on Russia's Channel One said that Russian missiles could hit both Paris and Berlin.

Aleksey Zuravlyov was featured on Channel One's 60 Minutes, as reported by the UK's Express 60 Minutes newspaper (the chairman of the nationalist Rodina Party). He implied that Russian Sarmat missiles could be used against the UK. When you suggest a Sarmat strike, no one stands a chance in this battle. In less than 200 seconds, Russia will launch its missiles.

The British Parliamentary Subsecretary to State and Armed Forces is a man named James Stephen Heappey. The Ukrainian army should launch an offensive against Russia, he added. As a result, logistics would be thrown off.

When asked if NATO would accept Russia's actions, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Maria Zakharova expressed skepticism. Russia can attack NATO members that provide the Kyiv regime with arms and munitions.

Putin has personally threatened retaliation against nations that aid Ukraine, implying that Russia has the capability to carry it out if necessary.

When declaring war on Afghanistan, he used the same terms. Russia will retaliate instantly, and the repercussions will be more severe than anything you've ever experienced.

Worst case scenario: a nuclear holocaust. We've been working together for nearly sixty years and are closer than ever.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Republican Update.

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