NY Court Bans All Photography at Trump Trial Amid Controversy

Former President Donald Trump has been met with new restrictions on his public appearances. The New York City courtroom where he is currently on trial for hush money violations will no longer allow photography. This decision came after a photographer violated a court order by taking photos of Trump from the aisle. Judge Juan Merchan has decided to ban all photography for the remainder of the trial.

Moreover, outside video coverage inside the courtroom is already prohibited, following the tradition for many high-profile trials. As a result, there will be no direct visual sources from inside the courtroom, with only secondhand accounts and drawings available. However, some have criticized the accuracy of the courtroom drawings that have been released so far.

There have already been several photos taken of Trump and others in this trial, including historic photos taken during his arraignment last year. However, these images are now the only visual record of the proceedings, as live media coverage is not permitted inside the courtroom. This lack of transparency has sparked criticism, with Democratic New York state Sen. Brad Hoylman-Sigal calling it “unacceptable” and stating that the public has the right to see the events in the courtroom.

The trial continues with more testimony from porn star Stormy Daniels, which reportedly left Trump visibly upset. Judge Merchan deemed Trump’s remarks in court as “contemptuous,” as they could be seen as intimidating to others in the courtroom. This decision to restrict photography and media coverage in the courtroom has raised concerns about transparency and the public’s right to access information about this significant trial.

Written by Staff Reports

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