Obama Advisor Urges Biden to Channel Trump’s Authenticity to Win Voters

In recent news, a former official from the Obama administration, David Axelrod, expressed some concerns about President Joe Biden. He mentioned that President Biden should try to be more genuine, like former President Donald Trump. According to polling averages, Trump is currently leading Biden by a small margin nationally, and this lead increases when other candidates are included.

Axelrod highlighted the importance of authenticity in politics, citing Trump’s success in connecting with voters. He suggested that Biden sometimes sounds too much like a typical Washington politician, which might not resonate well with the American people. Axelrod and pollster Doug Schoen both pointed out that Biden’s policies and approach may be out of touch with the concerns of everyday Americans, such as issues with inflation and the economy. 


It is essential for leaders to speak directly and authentically to the public, especially on critical issues. In this case, Axelrod urged Biden to tap into his roots in Scranton and communicate in a straightforward manner that people can relate to. Taking a cue from Trump’s unfiltered style, Biden could potentially strengthen his connection with voters by being more genuine and assertive.

It’s clear that Biden’s approach may be falling short in resonating with the public. Axelrod’s advice to prioritize authenticity over political jargon is something all politicians should consider. Trump’s success was partly attributed to his direct and unapologetic communication style, which many Americans found refreshing. By taking steps to connect more genuinely with the public, Biden could potentially improve his standing and address the pressing issues facing the country.

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