Obama Alums Blast Biden Campaign as Weak, Cash Flush Biden Shrugs

In a recent meeting in the windy city of Chicago, some folks from the good ol’ days of Barack Obama’s campaigns got together to have a little chat about the current Biden campaign. And oh boy, did they have some things to say!

They got together and started talking about how their 2012 campaign was a well-oiled machine compared to what they’re seeing with Biden’s efforts. They said the Biden campaign lacked the proper set-up in the states, the campaign headquarters was as flimsy as wet toilet paper, and compared to where Obama was in 2011, Biden’s campaign was as weak as a kitten.

A Democratic busybody who was there murmured something about the campaign not having its act together to Politico. To add insult to injury, the busybody mentioned that there wasn’t a strong campaign headquarters or infrastructure in the states. They even went on to say that compared to Obama’s situation in 2011, the Biden campaign was about as weak as lukewarm tea.

Biden’s spokesperson, Kevin Munoz, had to step in to do some damage control. He basically said, “If you’re so worried about Trump and those MAGA folks, then put your money where your mouth is and help us out.”

But hold onto your hats because here come the numbers! Despite all the naysaying, Biden’s campaign revealed they raked in a whopping $97 million in the last quarter of 2023. They also boasted about having $117 million in the bank, which they claim is more than any other Democratic candidate in history. Oh, and they made sure everyone knew that they’ve got more cash than all the GOP candidates in Iowa combined.

But the critics weren’t budging. They kept yapping about how Biden’s people don’t know how to work their magic in those swing states. They’re saying Biden never really had a strong organization, especially during the primaries, and then when COVID hit during the general election, they couldn’t do much on the ground.

Then there’s this grumble about Biden not bringing in the big guns from the White House into his campaign early on. They’re saying there’s a whole bunch of experienced folks sitting in the White House twiddling their thumbs when they should be helping out with the campaign.

But wait, there’s more! Some fella named Jim Messina, the campaign manager for Obama’s 2012 reelection, chimed in to defend the Biden gang. He talked about how the average Joe Blow voter only cares about politics for about four minutes a week until right before the election. So I guess he’s saying Biden’s team is playing the long game.

Anyhoo, there you have it! The old Obama crew is giving Biden’s team a piece of their mind, but Biden’s people are just shrugging it off and flexing their fundraising muscles. Only time will tell who the real winner is in this political showdown!

Written by Staff Reports

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